Thursday, September 18, 2014

this week’s funnies

We were heading home late one night, as the sun was setting.  Wyatt and Ella “is that what a sunset looks like?! WOW!”   A few minutes later “Why do all the cars have lights on them?”.
I swear we let them leave the house on occasion.

Wyatt was complaining about going to school.  He just didn’t want to go anymore.  I was trying to convince him that school was good.  And that he had to go to school so he could learn to be a fireman.  He declared “I want to be a fireman who doesn’t learn.”  He left me speechless with that one so I dropped the subject.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Monday, September 15, 2014


I am loving that the kids are learning to entertain themselves for long periods of time.  We actually got a few things around the house accomplished without anyone getting hurt or fighting.  And the TV wasn’t on either. 



Sunday, September 14, 2014

last hurrah!

It had to happen….summer came to a close.  Our last weekend at the lake came and went. It was a lazy weekend with mostly good weather.

A Mimi and Ella selfie:


A family of 5.  (I have dubbed this my sea world trainer outfit….)

But the bulk of the weekend was spent having a jumping contest.  With the main competitor being Will.

2014-08-31 labor day (1)


Ella entered in a few rounds.

2014-08-31 labor day (4)

2014-08-31 labor day (6)

2014-08-31 labor day (7)

But Will jumped for hours!  BIG jumps thanks to Daddy.

2014-08-31 labor day (9)




And with that we have packed away our swimsuits, towels and life jackets until next year.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Monday, September 08, 2014

soccer season

It is soccer season again, and we are changing things up a bit.  Mister Wilson is not playing this year, despite his love of “laser eye and water balls”. He was not happy at first, but seems content with his decision for now

What’s also new is that we’re not playing in a traditional league…more like weekly soccer camp.  Which, I think, is brilliant!

But these two had their first Saturday on the field.   It was Wyatt’s first and last Saturday this season.  You will soon see why….

But aren’t these two players adorable?!

2014-09-06 soccer (01)

Ella has been counting down the months until she could play.

2014-09-06 soccer (10)
2014-09-06 soccer (20)

Wyatt swore he wanted to play.  Begged to play.  Talked about it for weeks.  I even heard him and Ella strategizing, and planning, on how soccer was going to work.  And then they got there.  And it was all downhill. And neither of us is really surprised.

2014-09-06 soccer (12)

Ella didn’t give a second thought at Wyatt’s lack of enthusiasm, she was in the zone (from what I heard…like any good soccer mom, I was out of town on the first day).2014-09-06 soccer (36)

Word on the street was Ella was competitive, and occasionally throwing some elbows.  She might have found her thing!  I can’t wait to see for myself next week.

*And it was Ella’s idea to wear a “soccer skirt” the first week.

Friday, September 05, 2014

beauty is in the eye of the beholder….


Poppy makes the kids special pancakes.  On weekends at the lake he really outdoes himself.  Accepting any, and all, requests.  Ducks, turtles, TRex, Stegosaurus, snakes….you  name it.  And it’s kinda like looking at the clouds….we each see something different.  A dinosaur to one, looks like an anteater to another. 

Come Monday it’s back to boring, fresh from the freezer, pancakes.

One morning, after already talking one kid off the ledge about getting just plain round pancakes. Kid #1 finishes and leaves the table when Ella shows up and asks about her pancakes….

E: what shape were my pancakes?
Me: Umm, cupcake shaped?
E: I knew it! They are awesome.

Crisis adverted….


Thursday, September 04, 2014

sick days are here again

Two weeks into school and the germs have already hit.  Will was out one day with a fever and cough and the following week it hit Wyatt.

Wyatt’s started out innocently, and then it took a nose dive. 3-4 days of a low temp and runny nose/cough turned into a 106 temp and a very sluggish Wyatt.  Thankfully we already had an appointment scheduled when he spiked to 106.  I wasn’t too worried (though apparently that wasn’t a normal reaction on my part).  Other than being sluggish, Wyatt was still Wyatt and full of personality.  And the temp came down a bit once the motrin got in his system.


The doctor suspected he was developing pneumonia and went ahead and gave him a strong antibiotic shot, hopefully keeping us out of the hospital.  The shot was torture!!! It took 3 nurses to hold him down and give the shots.  (See, he was still feisty.) 

Less than 24 hours later his temp was at 101 or lower.  And back to his normal self.

Though he walked bow legged for 2 days due to the shots (he might be a bit dramatic….).  And he sported this band-aid + cotton ball from the finger stick to check his blood count….for 2 days.


So our back to school fun has started with a bang.  Hopefully we got this out of the way early and will sail smoothly into fall! 

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Monday, September 01, 2014

two kids and a hose

These are from July, but they crack me up every time I see them.  These two had the best time soaking each other with the hose one day.

2014-07-16 (11) 2014-07-16 (19)

2014-07-16 (21) 2014-07-16 (23)

2014-07-16 (25)

Ella finally got a hold of the hose!

2014-07-16 (28)

But it wasn’t long before Wyatt got a hold of the hose again.  Surprisingly, Ella doesn’t seem to mind.

2014-07-16 (43)

And Wilson, stayed FAR away from the soaking.

2014-07-16 (44)

Just a random summer day

Thursday, August 28, 2014

art 101

Ella is VERY into art these days.  Coloring is a regular activity.  But Ella hasn’t really embraced her creative/imaginative side until now.

I drew a ladybug and told her to do the same thing.  She was so unsure about how to proceed but she thought and thought and then made one!  And that was all the confidence she needed to branch….up next were ducks and birds and flowers.  She decided to draw Sophia and Happy Duck herself. 


Mimi and Ella always have art time at Mimi’s house.  They worked on still-life art recently. 

Fresh from the garden, the cucumber:

2014-07-29 (32)

And cosmos.
2014-07-29 (33)

I hope Santa brings us more markers, crayons and pencils this year!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Monday, August 25, 2014

Oh, Sophie

Ella has a baby doll.  Her name is Sophie, thanks to her current Sofia the First phase. 

It’s a BIG deal that Ella has a doll.  HUGE. 
She completely rejected the doll we brought to China, and has continued to do so ever since that day.

I say this is a big deal, not because I want her to like dolls.  Not because I think she needs to like them, or that it’s a normal girly thing to do.  It’s a big deal because her nannies shared with us that she loved her doll in China.  We’ve always wondered what changed (I mean besides the obvious…getting a family and leaving China).

2014-07-16 (5)

Some time during that first year home she started sharing her memories of China.  We were wondering together about what toys she might have played with in China.  She shared a few things.  One being a doll. And that it had been taken from her.  Now, she was only 3, so I don’t know how much is factual, but it’s all we have and we are considering it truth.

Fast forward to this summer…..2 years later.  We spent the summer going through trauma therapy with a wonderful counselor.  I am thrilled to say we have had amazing progress and healing!  And one night, out of the blue, Ella asked with silent tears streaming down her face “can we go buy a doll like I had in China?”.  Of course I said yes, we would go first thing in the morning.  (only after warning her it might not be the exact same doll she once had). I was curious if she would remember the next morning, and of course she did.  We ran to Target first thing since that was all that was open.  And she went up and down the doll aisle over and over looking for “the one”.  (We have been down the doll aisle many times before and she has never given it a second glance…)
She saw this one and stopped in her tracks and declared her the one.

We paid and ran to the car to unwrap her.  She took such good care of her and loved on her.  She did declare her “a bit too noisy”.  And that she had “some really stinky diapers”.  And that was that.  She plays with her on and off, but is no longer offended by dolls. 

So yes, it’s a little thing.  A little material thing.  But it speaks volumes to me!

*she later told me that her doll in China sat on her own and this one doesn’t.  But that she still likes her Sophie.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Wyatt’s first (kind of) sleepover

Wyatt hasn’t slept anywhere but home (and the lake) since we went to China.  Apparently those 19 days away from home/us was more than he could handle.  Plus, he is a homebody in every sense of the word.  And sleeping away from home, without us, is not an option for him. 

Wyatt has been asking Mimi for a sleepover all summer.  But what he really meant was that he wanted to hang out with just them, around dinner time, and then come home. 

And one day he got the nerve to actually agree to sleeping there. So we set a date.  And Poppy showed up in a corvette to drive him to his sleepover (yes, we break the child safety rules…..but we live less than 10 houses away).  I’m not sure if it was the fact that he arrived in style, or timing, but his first sleepover was a success!  So much so he’s already had a second! 

So glad he has finally gotten brave enough to join in the Mimi & Poppy sleepover fun.


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ella’s favorites {age 5}

SONY DSC                        
Ella’s favorite:

color - pink, of course, and red
book- Go Dogs Go
movie - Lego Movie & Despicable me
animal - pandas, chimps
song - Katy Perry’s Roar, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, You Are My Sunshine
drink - water
food - shrimp, salad, biscuits
nickname - baby cakes
what does daddy do to make you laugh - he laughs
what does mommy do to make you laugh - she surprises me
your favorite place to go - burger king, the park, sonic
types of car - police car, firetruck
holiday -when daddy stays home (the weekends are a type of holiday…)