Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Personalities {captured}


never has a picture better summed up all three personalities.

the scowl.

the unsure smile.

the wild child.


Monday, January 26, 2015

call in the reinforcements

In the period of an hour the boys cycled through almost every super hero costume we owned.  Just a regular night of fighting crime around here.  I’m just thrilled when they decide to play together, instead of against each other.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

the noisiest of them all

I never understood that “boy” definition….until Wyatt came along.  He is the loudest of the trio.  Not necessarily screeches or cries (though plenty of that).  But sound effects.  CONSTANT sound effects. 
I can hear him a room away making car sounds.  Or pirate sounds.  Or train sounds.  And now add to the list, Star Wars sounds. Funny thing, he’s pretty accurate.  Even funnier, I can tell what movie/show he has most recently watched based on his sound effects.  He totally goes in full character after watching a show.  Hence the reason we’ve had to ban Super Hero Squad in our house….he beats everyone up after watching.
Wyatt even talks shows/movies in his sleep.  Last night I was laying with him in the middle of the night (he’s currently sick) and he was rambling on about R2D2 and C3P0 and various other people I had no clue about.
This kids imagination NEVER turns off. 

star wars Wy from Gusturtle on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Will and Ella hit the trail

It’s that time of year.  The time where Chris works long hours, and all day on (most) Saturdays.  The kids had been cooped up ALL week due to the rain and the “snow”.  But this Saturday was one of those rare winter days where it’s sunny and 60*!

Wyatt and I weren’t feeling great.  And Mimi and Poppy offered to take Will & Ella on a hike. And they had a BLAST! Will said it was the most awesome day ever.  At least I think it was the hike he was talking about, not the trip to Burger King prior to their outing.

Of course, he took his field guide AND survival guide “in case Poppy gets us lost”.  And I let him take along my old, small camera. He took pics of everything!  They had such a great time, especially Will.  Even though he didn’t see “any real wildlife”.   They can’t wait until their next hiking adventure.

2015-01-17 hike

a snow day (in theory only)

Wilson’s been back in school for only 6 days this year.  The first day back was a 2 hour delay due to cold temps (it really was frigid).  And then Friday started as a delay and ended up being a full snow day due to snow that turned to ice that didn’t thaw until lunch time. SOOOO with Monday being a holiday we ended up with a 4 day weekend.  Too bad we didn’t have fun weekend plans.  At least Thursday night was a fun night as these three were giddy with excitement at the possibility of snow.

It snowed all the way home from preschool leading Wyatt to say “We can build a snowman in the morning!”.  Umm, nope, sorry buddy.  Followed by “Then is it Christmas eve?”.  I’m pretty sure my No to this question was more of a disappointment.

But they had fun catching snowflakes on their tongues.  And throwing very wet snow balls on the windows.  It was fun to watch them.  What a exciting few hours!

2015-01-17 snow

Monday, January 19, 2015

our MVP {Ella’s soccer season}

*backing up to the fall….
Ella finally had her chance at soccer.  She had dreamed of this all summer long.  She and Jake played Soccer Shots together.  It was a great introduction to soccer for Ella.  Turns out, she has a naturally knack for the sport.  She was throwing elbows and eager to steal the ball from whoever had it.  It was pretty funny to watch.  She had a great time this season.  And I can’t wait to see if she requests to play again next year.

 2014-10 soccer2 2014-10 soccer

Saturday, January 17, 2015

a fun first {Wyatt & Jake}

Wyatt FINALLY had his very first sleepover with Jake.  He’s been begging for this for months and months.  And we told him once Jake moved down the street then we’d let him spend the night.  Daily after they moved in Wyatt asked how many more days till his sleepover.  And on Jan 2 it finally happened!  And he couldn’t have been more excited.  He wore his backpack around all day just waiting for Renee to pick him up.  And finally she pulled in the driveway and he was out the door without so much as a goodbye.

The boys had a fun night of cars, movies and football.  And giggling all night until they finally fell asleep.  What a sweet, fun first for the boys.

2015-01-02 sleepover

Monday, January 12, 2015

leaves, finally.

Finally posting about fall.

Finally the leaves fell so we could play in the leaves.

Every.Single.Time. the littles saw a leaf fall they asked if we had enough to jump in.  Some days there were tears and screams when I replied “No, not enough yet.”.  For four long weeks they asked.  Then there were finally enough leaves but it rained for days on end. 

Chris begged to mow/mulch them up.  But I knew that NOT having a leaf pile was not an option.  He mowed other parts of the yard but left the back corner filled with leaves. 

Finally the weather cooperated and we raked them up and jumped.  And jumped and jumped.  And cried because things didn’t go quite as planned.  And jumped some more.  Then each kid got their own pile to jump in because we became territorial.  And we played some more. 

And then a few days later Chris made all the leaves disappear.  And just like that fall was over.

2014-11 leaves  2014-11 leaves2

2014-11 leaves3

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

thursday’s coming!

Christmas break is finally OVER.  I won’t deny it, school vacations do me in.  The lack of schedule, cold days, stress of holidays…it’s a bad mix here.  Today was our last day of craziness (until the next school holiday or snow day, whichever comes first.  edited to add: school was just put on a 2 hour delay tomorrow due to cold weather!!!)

Our last day was spent getting happy meals.  And using up Christmas gift cards.

First, all 3 dressed themselves. Separately.  And all 3 matched.  A rare, but impressive, Christmas miracle right there!


The gift cards created lots of drama.  It took at least an hour for all three to choose just the right toy.  And MANY swaps before even leaving the store.  And it included an actual return because one of these minions changed their minds and experienced true buyers remorse.

Ella chose another new lego set.  She loves all the Lego Friends sets. When I first heard about Legos for girls, I rolled my eyes.  Pink and purple legos were just going to cause stress around here in our community lego bucket.  But now that we have multiple sets, I gotta say her sets are way cooler than the ones the boys end up with.  Hers have tons of little details that the boy ones don’t have. (And before you think she is a girl-wonder, she did not build all of this by herself.)


And after our toy choices were made (well, the initial choices that is…) we grabbed groceries.  Cheese is a staple.  And Wyatt grabbed the cheese bag and said “Thanks for buying my favorite cheese. I love it because it has a grown up baby Jesus holding hay on it.”.  Will quickly interjected “indian” while Ella said “ninja”. 

In other funny, but unrelated, Wyatt news.  He was eating a sucker the other day and offered “suckers are like vegetables.  They are so good for you.”

Things are never dull around here.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

little things in the sunshine

Wyatt and I were standing in the sun waiting for Ella’s class to finish recess and we noticed our shadows.  Wyatt had fun making crazy moves.  I love that you can see his wild hair blowing in the wind.  And can see him giving me kisses.
It’s the little things...

2014-12 shadows

Monday, January 05, 2015

may the FORTY be with you

Well, it happened.  Chris went to bed Sunday night as a 39 year old.  And woke up an old man.  Even his car had aged over night, and needed a jump start first thing in the morning. 

To make turning 40 even more fun.  Chris has been on vacation for the last 24 (!!!) days and had to return to work this morning.  Nothing says middle-age like going into work! 

Happy Birthday to our favorite 40 year old!
PicMonkey Collage 2015-01-04 chris bday 2015-01-05 chris bday

Friday, January 02, 2015

last of the elf antics….


My favorite elf antics were when we caught Flynn Fyler on Chris’s computer using google maps to find his way from the North Pole to TN.  He drew his own little map to help Santa out.  Who knew he really passes through candy cane lane every night!  He built us another snowman.  Will is so over his Frozen antics.  My fave was when Flynn brought the sack for us to fill it up with toys for other boys and girls.  I have never seen Will clean up and donate so quickly!

What a fun holiday season with our favorite elf.

2014-12-29 elf

2014-12 elf 2

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

corn what?

The kids group gift from Mimi and Poppy was a cornhole set.  Wyatt played with the neighbors one time and has obsessed ever since.  He seems to be a natural.  Ella and Will are really good too.  We’ve had the best time playing together!

2014-12-29 cornhole 2014-12-26

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve dinner with Mimi and Poppy and presents.  The kids were so excited for the evening.  Their first gifts so they were beyond giddy.  

2014-12-24 eve
After gifts we headed home, got our Christmas jammies on and set out Santa’s cookies.  Read a few Christmas stories and then it was lights out.  This year we had to explain over and over that Santa would NOT come until everyone was asleep.  Eventually they all caved.
2014-12-24 cmas eve

Monday, December 29, 2014

hut, hut

Wyatt’s rules for football: only people wearing visors can play and football players help other football players up. Oh, and no girls allowed.

Every night for weeks on end, the boys “play” closet to bed football.  Wyatt has become obsessed with football. 

2014-12-07 (18)

Sunday, December 28, 2014

a few of their favorite things {gifts}

*Yes, Will’s favorite gifts were books…. 2014-12-25 will 2014-12-25 ella2014-12-25 wyatt

Saturday, December 27, 2014

cmas day

Christmas morning FINALLY arrived.  The kids got up at 6:45 (I’m impressed).  The kids were ready to come downstairs and see if Santa had really stopped by.  On the way downstairs the kids spied Flynn Flyer.  Ella was terribly upset at the thought of Flynn leaving so she wrote him a note begging him to stay.  He left the kids a note and Will read the note as they walked down the hall.  Flynn, on direct orders from management, was asked to stay at our house for a few more days.  Ella was beaming. 

On to the den the kids spotted what Santa had left for them.  A Millennium Falcon and car road map for Wyatt.  A new big girl scooter for Ella.  Along with a Doc McStuffins mobile clinic.  And Will got a Snowalker and some Hexbugs.  They played with their Santa gifts for a long time before moving on to unwrapping presents.

The kids had more gifts that they loved… From Wyatt’s football helmet and “costume”.  To Ella’s new doll that looks like her.  And Will’s pile of books and light up snake. They had a fun and magical morning. 

And we all had a very quiet afternoon…these three were so busy playing we never heard a word out of them till 4:00!

It was a very Merry Christmas!

2014-12-25 cmas1 2014-12-25 cmas